Blog Disclaimer

Apparently having a disclaimer is also an important part of having a blog.  Ooops.  So, here we go!

Blog disclaimer:

  1. Content.  Apparently this is the big one, so here goes. This is a personal blog, therefore all opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not anyone else’s.  My employer has nothing to do with this mess nor does any other organization with which I am involved.  You’re basically getting the thoughts and randomness that come through my mind daily.  Just not written daily because that would probably drive us all insane.
  1. Changing content and screw ups.  I’m human and thus am quite adept at fucking up royally.  Hopefully I can keep that to a minimum here, but I make no guarantees.  I’m also prone to changing my mind.  Not suddenly, like my horse changing direction when it decides the blade of grass to our left is actually a pride of cave lions lying in wait for us.  Not generally anyways.  However, I do change my mind upon occasion, so you may find old posts that do not necessarily agree with newer posts.  Instead of erasing disagreements, I prefer to keep them as it provides a blueprint for my personal evolution as a thinking creature.  If that spins your world into a time vortex from which you cannot recover, please accept my humblest of apologies.
  1. Hurt feelings.  I am not out to hurt anyone’s feelings, in fact it’s extremely high on my list of things that I really dislike doing.  Ask any of my good friends.  I will go to ridiculous (and sometimes somewhat harmful to my anxiety level) means to avoid hurting feelings.  Basically, I’m not trying to hurt feelings, defame anyone, spread libel, or humiliate anyone.  If your feelings are hurt by something you read here it’s not intentional and please feel free to contact me if you would like something removed.  I’m not guaranteeing I’ll do so, but please do contact me.
  1. Someone getting hurt. You are a thinking human being and as previously noted this mess is all my own brain blather, not the educated knowledge of a doctor, lawyer, therapist, counselor, or any other awesome person that probably knows way more about making good decisions than I do.  So, please use your brain and think about what you’re doing.  If by some reason you are hurt in anyway and want to point a finger at something I’ve written, you will not be compensated in any way.
  1. Comments.  Please feel free to comment on my blog however you choose.  However, I reserve the right to approve and remove any comment for whatever reason that I choose, so please make an effort to be respectful and at least argue constructively.
  1. Money.  I am not getting paid in any way beyond personal satisfaction for anything on this blog.  If that changes, I’ll let you know.
  1. Copyright.  As it says all over the place on my blog, all of this mess (unless otherwise noted) is the product of my “interesting” brain and is my property.  If you would like to use it, please ask and make sure to properly cite and link the original content.  For more specifics, please see my copyright notice.

Thank you!



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