Hi! I’m Jen Smith and welcome to Blaze Orange Life!

Blaze Orange Life is a glimpse into my life and my journey of discovering myself, my dreams, and how to attain them.  I’ll post about everything from money and travel to love and how my dog is absolutely incredible.  There will be deep thoughts and random hilarity, as well as goals and my plans for a path to making it all happen.

My topics are probably thoughts you’ve had yourself throughout life, while I’m not vain enough to say that I’ll be able to answer any of these questions for you, a different perspective is always helpful in my experience.

So I invite you to check out my posts, pictures, and random thoughts. The post “My Blaze Orange Life” is a great place to start for a little more in depth backstory to the name of my blog and to myself.  Enjoy a few laughs at my expense (I’m laughing along I promise) and share some of your insight.  Life is richer for different viewpoints among friends!

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